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Hi Jack,

SMT board is the same as Through hole, no cost difference.  Some PCB manufactures will put a limit on the hole density, but it's usually gotta be something pretty high like 1000 holes/sqin (think perfboard).  As an example, OSHPark charges $5/sqin.  It doesn't matter if it's all SMT + vias, no vias no drills, or TH.  2 layers, $5/sqin as big as you want to go.  

Mouser & Digikey are my go-to for SMT parts.  They carry just about everything.  If you have other oddball SMT stuff, and either one are out, head to  There are alternate suppliers, but those two always have what I need, either in the exact specified part number, or an equivalent.  Other places will source 1206's and stuff, but might only sell by the full reel (which I have yet to need, except maybe 0.01uF caps or 0.1uF caps across multiple, multiple projects).

SMD resistors/caps (0603, 5% in my case) are usually cheap enough that I buy them in 1000-piece quantity, because $2 of parts for life or $0.5 for the parts I need for the project, and to always have them on hand, is easy.

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We have a small group of local hams who enjoy building stuff, yet most are scared to death of SMD parts. Our last build had 29 do the build which is about half of our group. What I'd like to do is put together a small SMD project and have 30 or so boards made. (I have no idea what a good starter project would be.) If anyone has done this, are the board costs less than thru-holes boards? Also, are Mouser and Digikey the likely source for large (e.g., 1206) parts or do you know of a better source.


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