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Unsure.  I haven't ever had anything made in china before.  The only experiences I've had with china manufacturing is from others experience, which usually involves 'tread carefully, for there are counterfeit components _EVERYWHERE_'.  

What little I know, typically they want a larger volume of PCB's to be made, like more 1k units, instead of 100 as I was originally planning.

100% of my PCB experience is with US-based manufacturing for one-off low-volume specialty stuff, or where I pass a design along to other people who actually go to market with it (or don't, as plenty of cases go).

On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 4:05 PM, Willy <W1LY@...> wrote:
Martin, You have done all the heavy lifting. Would it be possible to shop the job out to China with an agreement to have access to as many populated boards at some agreed upon price that you could provide to the group at a profit? And they could also market it with very little development time on their part?Never built a PCB in my life, just wondering. 73 Willy W1LY 

On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 6:35 PM, Diver Martin <diver.martin@...> wrote:
I'm actually changing some components to through-hole, simply because they're cheaper, and it would save some assembly cost on the SMT side to let it be a kit.

I want to simplify some of the parts as well to have them be bigger footprints to simplify replacement if necessary... Sadly, Si5351A's are MSOP10's, and the SSM2617 is also MSOP10.  I might try to find an SOIC8 mic amp to replace the SSM2617 (which I mostly decided to try as something different from what everyone else was doing with the MAX8914).  

Gotta get everything else working first though :)

Richard:  A top level mod PCB that's designed to be a solderless add-on to make things clean mechanically, and add a bunch of useful features.

In any case, a revB is inevitable.  In my many many many years of PCB design, I've had a new design work exactly right the first time it was powered up happen exactly once in my life.  It was quite a time for celebration... (that board/product is still in use today too no less!)

On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 2:26 PM, James Lawrie <lawriejk@...> wrote:
If you made it through hole as much as possible I’d go for 2 nd option.

James Lawrie

On Jan 24, 2018, at 15:00, Leland Lannoye <wa9aoe@...> wrote:

I would opt for the boards, with a list of parts, a provider list and/or parts provided like any other kit.  Would also be easiest for me.


On 1/24/2018 3:45 PM, Diver Martin wrote:
Partial kit is about the only way I could sell it.  A full kit, toroids wound and installed, would simply cost too much, I don't think anyone would go for it.  

Right now, if everything works out, there are a few options.

1) Release the board files, schematic, design files/gerbers, BoM and let someone in china clone it, walk away.
2) Same as #1, but just sell bare PCB's.
3) Sell PCB's with all SMT components installed, and a baggie of TH parts, toroids, and couple feet of magnet wire.
4) Sell the entire thing fully assembled ($$$).

4 is unlikely to happen, period.  I would rather redesign the entire system and include the uBitx portion with the mods.  3 is possible, but it'd have to be done on kickstarter or something (5% overhead there), simply because I'm not willing to risk the $10k on a build of 100 boards, 2 is just work without any real benefit, almost the same as #1.

3 & 4 both will have board files/etc released, but not until after the first round ships out.

On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 12:28 PM, WX6XX via Groups.Io <> wrote:
That looks really nice and thank you for putting in so much work!

Have you considered a partial kit?  I’ve seen a few where all of the SMD parts come mounted with everything else being through-hole.  That would both cut down on the assembly costs and avoid SMD construction for those who don’t want to do it.

Also, I am very interested in this and would order a board or partial kit.

Erik, WX6XX

Martin Held - AE7EU
If there aren't any questions, then what is there to learn?


Martin Held - AE7EU
If there aren't any questions, then what is there to learn?

Martin Held - AE7EU
If there aren't any questions, then what is there to learn?

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