Re: Perfect speaker grill

philip yates

I used a square of Vero board and drilled pilot holes, then opened them out slightly.
Left with a square grid with staggered holes, seems to work well. Need a drop of enamel to finish
the bare metalwork off.

Phil - G7BZD

On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 7:31 PM, Pete <peter.cousins51@...> wrote:

To get a tidy speaker grill on your EF01 enclosure or what ever you are using have a rummage in the kitchen utensil draw you may find the perfect template.  I used a plastic sifter lid as the holes were the size I wanted. Draw a center line where you want it positioned, line up the template, drill one hole on the outer circle, insert nut and bolt, drill hole opposite end of template, insert nut and bolt, now drill rest of holes in perfect place.  Hot glue speaker in place on underside of lid.

Peter G4NJJ

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