Re: Oscilloscope for Beginners


Almost all of the test gear I have I purchased at flea markets, classified ads or ebay and I have been really happy with the results. If you are willing to be patient, choose carefully and do a little research, you can find a good Tektronix 100MHz dual trace scope on ebay or at a hamfest for less than 200USD. I bought a Tek 475A 250MHZ two channel scope, with Tek scope probes, for $125 at a ham fest.  If you want new gear, and you have the budget, look at Rigol or Siglent digital scopes. They are field upgradable, lightweight, and a good feature/cost. I've used the Rigol scope a lot. You can start with a Hantek but if you do very much RF equipment building or troubleshooting, you are likely to find using a PC-based measurement tool to be a pain.

On the research part... go find the eevblog forum. There are lots and lots of posts on buying used gear, stuff to look for, stuff to avoid, and a lot of folks that spend a lot of time buying, restoring and using old test gear.  For me, this stuff is almost as much fun as building new gear.  Good luck!

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