Re: Oscilloscope for Beginners

Jerry Gaffke

If you have $400 to burn, by all means get a good scope.
Maybe John will loan you the money.  ;-)
But that 20mhz $60 USB scope would be a good start.
Good enough to work on a Bitx40,
though the 45mhz first IF of the uBitx would be beyond reach.

I've looked hard at what it would take to create a decent hobbyist scope on a budget,
the current crop of USB scopes would be hard to beat. 
GigaSample/sec ADC's aren't cheap, and you probably want an FPGA in there too.
Plus the front end analog stuff, and lots of software to support it all.

Perhaps a 1ghz sampling head per Houtman:
feeding the 12bit ADC's of an Arduino Zero clone.
Though a sampling scope is not a friendly tool for beginners.

I think the best bet for the hobbyist is perhaps a slow cheap USB scope (perhaps using Arduino Zero ADC's)
plus something along the lines of Farhan's specan:
A low end spectrum analyzer could be cheaper than a scope covering the same frequencies,
and for radio work would be more informative.

Jerry, KE7ER 

On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 03:24 pm, John Backo wrote:
For RF use, I should think the absolute minimum bandwidth would be
60 MHz, 100 or 200 MHz is much better.

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