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Peter Luttenbacher

Anyone have an opinion on the Siglent SDS1202X-E?  I’ve been leaning towards that one after shopping for a few weeks.



$379 and Amazon Prime will have it to me in a couple days.  For the price the feature set looks good.


Thanks for the Insights.




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I had one of those.  Got rid of it on eBay.  Did not have very good triggering, with little options.

I comes as is, no support or upgrades for its firmware.  Did not even have AC coupling?  Cheap Digital scopes have problems with aliasing (under sampling) because they do not have fast enough processing.

I have and have had lots of scopes.  Try to get a real scope.  If you can afford it get a modern day Rigol or Siglent.

I got a 4 channel Rigol on eBay barely used for $250.   I jump started it to 100 Mhz.   It is a little small for my eyes, and does way more than you would expect.  I would stick with those 2 manufactures.  Or you could by a TEK or HP used.  You may be working on them?  I have an old HP 1702 or something like that, non digital.  I loved it until the triggering died.  I think it was better than some of my old Teks?

Try to get 100 Mhz 2 channels.  Real Tek and HP probes too, are a bonus, you can use cheap ones for $10 each, most used Tek probes go for big bucks.  There is more bang for the buck in my Rigol DS1054 than I can imagine.  I don't even plug in the others.

PC Scope to me are a pain.   And I would not fall for any of the small dvm hand held scopes, they just are too limited.


By the way, Circuit Specialists had a special late last summer for a few days.  15% off entire order.

I jumped on it and saved a lot on my new Siglent Spectrum Analyser.

Good Luck

73's Mike



On 1/23/2018 1:45 PM, Guy N7BIR wrote:

While on the Circuit Specialists web site I came across this:
Hantek  20 MHz USB Oscilloscope for PC. 
Is this something that could be used for radio troubleshooting? Have never used a scope before and would appreciate your comments. 
Guy N7BIR 

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