Hello all

g3ryp <david.g3ryp@...>

Just a quick introduction - I'm David G3RYP and am currently building
the BITX20.

My usual breadboard construction method : a sheet of wood onto which
scraps of pcb are held by drawing pins - these also link the
groundplane between boards. Altogether very scruffy - but good for
making quick changes.

I've not made that many changes but am using an fet in the vfo and
toko coils rewound or t-50-6 toroids.

So far rx is working and only problems I've found is that the 50uf
cap in the collector of Q3 is definitely needed in my version -
otherwise lots of noise and not much signal. With the xtals I'm using
in the filter a 100p cap results in a nicer sound than when using a

I'm already thinking about a bit more gain and some agc but better
get on with the tx first!

Good luck to all.

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