Re: Power Supply Option

Joe Puma

Make sure the brand is mega watt and not the cheap Chinese knockoff. The cheap ones don’t have proper RF filtering and they use cheap fans. 

The fan on my mega watt 26amp was noticeable too and I complained. They sent me a fan that was quieter, less cfm’s but it did the trick. And I’ve been using it with a 100W radio doing digital modes and it hardly works up a sweat. 


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On Jan 21, 2018, at 1:10 PM, Rob Snow <rsnow@...> wrote:

I'm looking at this 12v 30a/360w power supply that was suggested by someone recently.  It has adustable output and runs a whopping $21.49 delivered from Amazon.  If it doesn't suck, it'll be handy to have around.

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