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philip yates

Mine is a 2watt rated ex-Yaesu VR5000 speaker.
8Ω 2w 3inch.

Think you have to take into the baffle effect of the panel that its mounted behind, mine sounds
good, saying that I did plug it into my Yaesu SP-8, decided that the 3inch speaker was far better.

Phil - G7BZD

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Gents. Many thanks for your responses, very much appreciated. 
Best speaker:
Impression/suspicion from following this thread for a while is that with the Bitx40v3, which uses a LM386, that people have been happiest when the speaker is not tiny, so maybe 4 to 8 inches would be good, and it seems like 16 ohms might be better than 8.

Nobody mentions how many watts the speaker is rated for so maybe that’s not an issue.

If you do some comparisons and think you have found a definitive solution to the question then please post it. I have tried a bunch of smaller 8 ohm speakers and some are a bit nicer than others but so far have no conclusion as to which direction is best. There is a lot of high pitched sound that I do not need, above 3 kilo hertz, that comes out of my bitx40v3, I have attenuated it some but don’t know where it’s coming from, and I would like to get rid of it at the source.

Good luck!
jerry aa1of/6

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