Re: Raduino v1.27.6 (few small improvements) released #bitx40

Jerry Gaffke

FIrst off, I suggest you get the Bitx40 working exactly as it comes out of the box,
as per the instructions up on
You may not want to get on the air (the tuning mechanism jumps around a hundred hz or so),
but at least listen to some signals and get some power out to a dummy load.
Once the rig works, then start doing hardware hacks and updating firmware

Allard has two branches of code:  
V1  code
requires the fewest hardware mods, and leaves the BFO using the 12mhz crystal osillator
V2 code
requires more mods, including one that drives the BFO from the si5351's clk0.

Both branches are being actively developed.
The V2 code allows you to do more stuff, such as adjust the BFO frequency to better align with your crystal filter.

Jerry, KE7ER


On Fri, Jan 19, 2018 at 06:08 pm, AGØH wrote:
I'm somewhat confused.  I have a BitX40 that came with the radiuno  last November.  I'm still trying to go through all the mods I want to make before I start initial construction.  I had planned on '
updating the radiuno to 127.6 before I start construction.  I assumed the radiuno does supply the the digital osc for the BFO.  So, if V2 is for digital BFO, then I guess I'm confused and maybe should
start with Ver 2?  
Keith - AG0H

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