Re: Excellway EF01 panel dimensions


The dimensions may not help you completely as the slot that the panels fit into is smaller than the panels.
I took my panels to a warehouse and they gave me 2 aluminum panels that fit perfectly into the slots. This
allowed me to install the 3.5 mm mic and key jacks that wouldn't fit into the original panels. I will see if I can
find the original panels and get the dimensions. Also the metal panels solves the ground loop problem. Ed W0OIC

On 1/19/2018 3:57 PM, Gavin Jacobs wrote:
A friend of mine gave me a BITX40 kit that he had ordered and never built. So, I'm planning to mount it in the popular Excellway EF01 case. Instead of cutting/drilling the front and rear panels, I plan to 3D print replacement panels. I ordered a case from Banggood, but it will take weeks to get here, so in the meantime I want to get started on the layout. So, can anyone tell me the exact dimensions of the front and rear panels? I need Height x Width x Thickness, preferably in mm, but inches will be also work. There are lots of web sites that show the case dimensions, but I need the front and rear panel.


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