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I ended up at 11.996.3.  I found this by first calibrating against WWV at either 5 MHz (night time) or 10 MHz (daytime) depending on your propagation.  With a strong signal you can get a pretty tight zero beat.  Set it middle of hearing the tone from the AM signal.  I you haven't used WWV for zero beat calibration (us old farts have used it for more than 60 years), wait for their AM tone to go away before attempting zero beat.  The clock tick is no problem.

Once you have the radio on frequency, then tune in a regular local net so they should all be "on" frequency with modern rigs (within probably 10-30Hz).  I used the Noon Time net on 7.283.500 here on the West Coast. While listening to them with the dial set on the net frequency, then go to the BFO set function and tune for Donald Duck's best voice.  I'll bet it is close to 11.996.3.

Remember that the BFO setting (at least the version I'm running from Ian KD8CEC) always shows a starting frequency of 11.995.0, not your current setting.

Dave WI6R

On Tue, Jan 16, 2018 at 4:50 PM, Sean W7SKD <sean.jrdalys@...> wrote:
Just curious, as I have been playing with the BFO setting ... what are you guys setting the BFO to?  I'm aware that the 12 Mhz xtal filter could vary a bit (which is why the configuration for the BFO is in the menu in the first place), and I know there's a default BFO value(11.995 Mhz), but this discussion (especially the comment by Dave that the setting is the same as on his Collins is the same) has me curious - what kind of BFO value ends up sounding good to you?


73 Dave WI6R

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