Re: #ubitx Power Supply For uBitx? #ubitx

Art Howard

I really like these power supplies. A while ago I was able to buy 20 of them for $7 each.

On 15 Jan 2018 8:01 pm, "Michael Monteith via Groups.Io" <> wrote:
 I've been digging through messages trying to find an answer.  I purchased a uBitx and trying to figure what size power supply to purchase.   My thought is probably a 12v 5A power supply.   I'm thinking of using a buck-boost converter to convert it to a higher voltage for the PA side.   I'm not in a huge rush as I'm working on the case for my Bitx40 right now.  So just purchasing what I need for now.   This without any mods regarding power other than probably larger heat sinks.   With 12v 5A should be plenty for running the board and powering the converter and boosting the voltage up.   I need to look up what converter I can use.    I know they recommend a power supply with 12v 3A.   I wanted to have a margin in case I wanted to supply the PA side with larger voltage.   I'll have to keep researching for later on exactly how much I want the PA voltage to be.

  I hope that gives you a better idea of my plan.  So do you think 5 amps would be enough?  Assuming keeping the board the same and just adding larger heat sinks.   I just hope this is not quite one of those philosophical questions. lol

73, Michael

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