Re: uBITX woes, feeling disheartened. #ubitx

Jim Sheldon

Wow Nick, I had never thought of using a vacuum cleaner to suck off the solder!  There should be plenty of suction there for that and you could use some of that silicone tubing they use at the end of those spring loaded solder suckers to keep it from getting melted by the Iron.  The vacuum cleaner idea would also work quite well for getting surface mount components off a board using one of those hot air rework stations for the heat.

Thanks for a super idea and I'll have to build up something for my Shop Vac to do just this!

Jim Sheldon - W0EB

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2 Tips for you with replacing the relay.;

1: Check the new relay isnt polaraized before you install it.... see my experience...
2: A method i use to remove solder is to connect up a 8mm tube to the vacume cleaner via an adapter, and heat up the solder pad, then quickly suck the liquid solder away from each hole, works rather well...

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