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I'm blown away by Easyeda's PCB pricing... I don't think any service I've used can touch that price.  I just paid last week $105 for 10 PCB's for my uBitx top motherboard with DFRobot, designed around a 150mm x 200mm maximum PCB size (including shipping).  EasyEDA quotes $38 for the same thing (not including shipping, which I assume to be $15-20).  WIsh I had known a week earlier, I would have tried them out, unsure about their quality.  (DFRobot does good quality)

I'm a big kicad fan, use it for 6-layer large-scale loadboards on 4.0 stable.  I'm eagerly awaiting the next 5.0 (or whatever it will be called) release for more 3D component support via STP files/etc.  The daily builds look very promising.

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first off Easyeda does not need to be done on line. All you need is the gerber files generated by any number of layout programs. 

I use DipTrace and Easyeda all the time.

I DO NOT use their on line software for board layout.

The price point is making a board equal to or less than 100 mm square. If you can, 10 pcs at Easyeda will set you back $2.

yup! Two bucks!

of course there is shipping and DHL is $12 and change.

or slow boat from China for about $6

Yesterday I ordered 10 pcs of 6.5 by 1.5” boards and they were $11 and change for the the lot. This exceeded the 100 mm size, but still that’s not a bad price.

One of the secrets I’ve discovered is lumping all your pcb orders into one. Not, repeat NOT all the gerber files on one pcb, but rather send four or five separate files.( or as many has you have) The shipping will be dramatically reduced.

When I did the order the other day, I had five unique files, 10 pcbs each order, and the shipping via DHL was $23 and change.
So, 50 pcs shipped for $11 more than a single order.

all the chinese pcb houses, and OSH park require what is know as a board outline file. 

In the gerber, it’s called, ‘boardname. GKN’

OSH is great for smaller pcbs, and they’re made in the USA. However, when the pcb size begins to scoot upwards, they become dearly expensive. They offer as standard gold flashed pads, and of course the pcbs are purple.

Many of the USA based pcb houses kind of cheat and send small run orders to china. 

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Most places also require a Board Dimension file. Perhaps OSHPark grabs that file on their own when they generate the Gerbers or it is available from one of the other files.

I have looked at several Gerber files and they appear to be CNC type G-code files with some special codes.


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