Raduino v1.27.6 (few small improvements) released #bitx40

Allard PE1NWL

I've just released raduino v1.27.6 for BitX40, download it from https://github.com/amunters/bitx40

New in this release:

  • improved the code so that the si5351 does not keep receiving tuning updates once the frequency has reached the upper or lower limit
  • corrected a bug that when semiQSK is ON, switching between modes did not work correctly for CWL/CWU.
  • increased the default delay time for the Function Button for easier operation
  • updated the instructions for the CW-CARRIER mod: Advise to use a 4.7K resistor instead of 10K so as to ensure full output power in CW
Happy BitX-ing!

73 Allard PE1NWL

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