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Not necessarily.  Packaging up a kit of SMT parts is time consuming and error prone, I would not be surprised if a kit version with all the SMT components cost more.  For something like that, one would be better off (I think) simply buying a PCB (certainly an option) and ordering the BoM off digikey directly in single unit quantity (more costly, but...) minus maybe one or two parts that are harder to source (ADE-1 mixer, for example), and can be easily included with a PCB.

Once I've proven the design, I may do a kickstarter/indigogo, but those charge a percentage (~5%), which may be worth it.

On Fri, Jan 12, 2018 at 9:49 PM, N8DAH <Dherron@...> wrote:
Also, why not a whole kit option? would that not cut cost?

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