Re: BitX17 IF Frequency

Jim Kortge <jokortge@...>

n7ve wrote:
I would think a 13 MHz IF would reasonably work well with a 5 MHz VFO.
There are 13 MHz crystals available in the 13 MHz range.
Mouser has 12.96 MHz crystals in stock, 520-HCU1296-18X. This would
place the 3rd harmonic of the VFO at 15 MHz, and the 4th at 20 MHz, to
move it as far as possible from 18 MHz. Running the VFO at 5 MHz is
not too bad.
- Dan, N7VE
Another combination that might work well is a 22.11 MHz Super VXO (with two matched crystals) and the IF at 4 MHz. The VXO should eliminate the need for that H&P circuitry. There are probably other combinations that would also work well.


Jim, K8IQY

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