Re: BitX17 IF Frequency

Greg Derda


Thank you for the reply and info. I have considered a stabilizer, and
I have tried to learn more about them, but what is not clear to me is
where to tap the VFO for the output to, and input from, the stabilizer.
For example, if a person wanted to add one to the Farhan-circuit VFO,
where would you tap it?


On Feb 15, 2008, at 10:25 AM, Martien wrote:

--- In BITX20@..., Greg Derda <gderda@...> wrote:
Hello Greg,

You could use the 10MHz standard with an 8Mhz VFO. This VFO can be
easily stabilised using a "Huff and Puff" circuit. There are many
examples on the web. I used this simple one (fig.1 schematic)):
VFO is rock solid, PSK 31 is no problem.

Text is in Dutch but the schematics are quite clear.

Martien PE1BWI

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