Re: BitX17 IF Frequency

Ron [W5RCM / ZS1MCD] <w5rcm@...>

10 MHz IFs in the US can be problematic with WWV broadcasting there.
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Greg Derda wrote:

Now that I have completed my BitX20a, I have started another BitX using the Far Circuits boards, and I would like to build this one for 17 meters. I've found some very useful information in the messages, files, and photos archives of this group, but so far, I have not seen mention of the IF frequencies people have used for 17m. Although I have a couple of potential DDS options available to me, I don't know that I want to use such a "valuable resource" on the narrow bandspread of a 17m rig.

Options that come to mind for a traditional IF/LO combination are (presuming a 18.1Mhz target):

---- ----
10 8.1
12 6.1
16 2.1
14.76 3.34 (chosen as an oddball example using available oddball crystals).

I don't see many HF VFO's in the 8Mhz range, so I am guessing it is not common. I have crystals for the latter two options easily available to me and am leaning toward one of them.

I guess that instead of babbling on with guesses, I'd like to just ask......

Does anybody have suggestions for a good IF/LO combination?


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