Re: Latching Relays -- suggestions on make/model


When I say latching, I mean it in the context of "A latching relay has
two relaxed states (bistable)." ( )

The idea would be to apply voltage one way throught coil to get
switched to one state. Then voltage need not be sustained to stay in
that state.

Then to switch the voltage applied in the other direction through the
coil and the switch stays in this new state with again the voltage

This way you just bump it once with current to switch to either state
without sustaining current to a coil.

My case is switching double throw ON-ON' states.

I have a circuit that I would prefer to not have the battery power
sustained to the relay coil, hence my interest.

Most relays I see are Normally Open but what I'm interested in is
bi-stable On or On'

I have not figured out how I will use it in the bitx20 just yet, to be
honest it's for another project.

Thanks for your input Arv. I suspect the Wikipedia entry might be
more clear as to whether all latching relays are bistable or if they
are just a specific type of latching.

-- Chas

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Charles WC5MC

Almost any relay can be a latching relay if you use a set of it's own
"make" contacts to source the coil supply voltage.

How are you planning on using latching relays in your BITX20?


eplerkeppler wrote:

I thought I'd ask if anyone has a pet make/model latching relay they
use and where to buy it.

My application will be a 9.6 volt battery for powering the switching
coil, so anything 9.6 Volts or less for the switching power is fine.
I can always put in a regulator to get down to 5 V or 3 or whatever.

The loads with be a few signal level loads then perhaps maybe one for
as much as a 200 mA load at most.

I would like it to be smallish and maybe 15 dollars or less but let me
know what you know about / like.

-- Charles McMurrough WC5MC

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if we are like minded and share more than one group.


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