Re: Latching Relays -- suggestions on make/model

Arv Evans

Charles WC5MC

Almost any relay can be a latching relay if you use a set of it's own
"make" contacts to source the coil supply voltage.

How are you planning on using latching relays in your BITX20?


eplerkeppler wrote:

I thought I'd ask if anyone has a pet make/model latching relay they
use and where to buy it.

My application will be a 9.6 volt battery for powering the switching
coil, so anything 9.6 Volts or less for the switching power is fine.
I can always put in a regulator to get down to 5 V or 3 or whatever.

The loads with be a few signal level loads then perhaps maybe one for
as much as a 200 mA load at most.

I would like it to be smallish and maybe 15 dollars or less but let me
know what you know about / like.

-- Charles McMurrough WC5MC

*I'm going to cross post this to a few other groups so my appologies
if we are like minded and share more than one group.


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