Re: Micro-BITX ... Lost in post ? Possibly

Art Howard

 Got confirmation of payment on December 12th and I paid $119 PayPal for DHL so I'd get it quicker shipment but have heard nothing since the payment confirmation.

On 10 Jan 2018 7:58 am, "Marc Jones via Groups.Io" <> wrote:
I had confirmation that my Micro-Bitx was posted on the 12 the December, Tracked to Mumbai airport  on the 15 the December, Then it seems to have got lost, Various phonecalls to Royal mail with the tracking number has turned up a blank, Its not on there system, A few emails to HF SIG's , And I've been told it won't get lost in the post .....Time is ticking on, Perhaps its wedged behind a seat in a Royal mail van ? .... Who knows ... Ile give it another week in case it does turn up , If not ile have to email HF SIG's again and go from there .... British postal services can be hit SNF miss st the best of times .

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