Re: Amplifier Kit?

John McFadden <johnamcf@...>

Sorry for the newbie question, but the WA2EBY kit is for 1W drive, won't that splatter like crazy with 5-10W from a uBitx? Or how would an operator decrease the uBitx output power that low to let the amp work? 


On Jan 10, 2018 10:24 AM, "N8DAH" <Dherron@...> wrote:

Only ones I know of are the Hardrock-50, HFpacker and the WA2EBY. All but the last one are total kits and cost 300+

I just built up a WA2EBY amp and am pretty happy with it so far.

I got the pcb's from


Build notes

I would suggest if you choose the WA2EBY option be sure to do a proper parts list as the on from the link in the build notes is a bit outdated.






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