Re: Audio/Interface PCB?

Mark Phillips

The Easy-digi circuit is a common design. Nothing more than a few transformers etc. Maybe try adding Kevin Loughlin's DuinoVOX design to the Radioino controller via some sort of menu function to enact the VOX part? Good isolation is a must IMHO.

There are many speech processor designs around for the FT-817. Many of them live in the mic cable as an addition to the cable rather than an upgrade inside the mic or rig itself such as this one (prolly based on Jeff's design?)


On Tue, Jan 9, 2018 at 3:10 PM, John Sutter <jds@...> wrote:

I've been thinking of making an Audio/Interface PCB for the BITX40/uBITX.

What would be good to have on it?
  Microphone Speech Processor: Jeff Cummings's design using the SSM2167
  AGC:  Which is the current favorite?

What else?
  Easy-Digi circuit if I can get permission or a footprint for the module(?)

I'm thinking of releasing the Gerber files and let folks get their own boards
made.  AllPCB's price went up to $2.10 per board for 100x100mm.

John Sutter
W1JDS CM87xi

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