Release beta version of CAT support uBITX firmware. #ubitx

Ian Lee

For anyone who wants to make CAT communication in uBITX, post it.
After the first beta test, we now release the final test version.

You can restore it to the original firmware whenever you do not like my new firmware.
(Do not worry - uBITX original firmware is also posted on my blog)

When the beta test period is over, I will reload it with the stabilized version.
Below are the test results that I and beta testers
-In Ham radio deluxe, you can set basic settings such as CW speed side tone as well as frequency and mode change. You can conveniently set uBITX values using Ham radio deluxe.

If you use wsjtx, fldigi, jt65-hf etc., you can control the PTT control as well as the frequency by setting FT-817 as shown below.

In digital communications such as the FT-8 and JT65, if only USB is connected to the computer, software such as wsjtx will control the uBITX's frequency and PTT.


I also experimented with control on Windows, linux, and Raspberry pi.


Memory Keyer function is also built in.
I will post about the memory keyer implementation separately.


And most of the known bugs were fixed.

I have created dedicated software that supports this firmware 100%.

With this software, you can backup and restore various setting values of uBITX and manage the CW Text of the built-in memory keyer.

In addition, you have built-in tips to launch your Callsign at boot time.

For more information, download firmware and how to upgrade firmware, please use the link below.
Or if you need to hit the keyboard, just type and you can see it. It 's the top post because I posted it right now.

Below is the final test video posted a week ago.

Best 73
KD8CEC / Ph.D Ian lee

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