Re: Implement a uBITX Memory Manager Program

Ian Lee


I did not use winlink to test it. But the beta testers who tested my firmware said that they all work perfectly in the programs you use.
I think it is not a capacitor problem that a timeout occurs. uBITX firmware is single thread based.
In a single thread, there is a timeout problem. To prevent it, use an interrupt or RTOS.
I used arduino for the first time. So I did not know the interrupt pending time, etc., and solved the problem by simulating RTOS for safety.
RTOS imitation refers to making a background task when you stay in delay or in some function. Just keep checking the uart buffer.
The problem here is that these overloads should not affect what should not be delayed, such as cw keying. 

I will release my firmware now.
I would appreciate it if you could upload it and test it yourself.



2018-01-10 2:31 GMT+09:00 peatmoss - ki6ssi <pete@...>:

Thanks! I'm getting cat control timeouts trying to use wsjt-t and fldigi. I did the capacitor reset mod to the arduino but still have issues. Winlink works perfect though? Using both Ubuntu and Windows 10.


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