Re: uBitx with first mod and question

Karl Schwab

Mods sound good, but to a "rare" Heathkit  Benton Harbor Lunchbox?  Karl

On Tuesday, January 9, 2018 8:53 AM, KD8CGH <rkayakr@...> wrote:

Here is my uBitx after first mods. I added a Sotabeams CW audio fiilter. The old TR switch now controls the filter. Down is the original wide SSB, middle is the normal CW and top is narrow CW. The right light is spot indicator controlled by the CW filter and lights when you are well tuned. Unfortunately adding the filter (goes before final AF amp)  raised the receiver noise. I'm working on shielding to restore the original performance.  Suggestions would be appreciated.
It still needs anti pop, a better bezel, ...

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