Re: My µBITX in its new home

Jack, W8TEE

I have a bezel and knobs coming, but this is what it looks like so far:

Inline image

The cutout process varies according to the panel material. For plastic, first I draw and outline of the LCD and then I drill 4 holes at the corners, but inside the lcd cutout you've drawn. I then put a T-square to align with the line drawn along one edge of the cutout. I then put the panel and T-square in a vice and saw along the line, relying on the T-square to prevent me from "coloring outside the lines". After I've made the cut, a few passes with a file and that edge is done. Rotate and repeat. If it's metal, I align with the jaws of the vice with the LCD outline and drill a series of small holes. I then use a hacksaw blade to cut the line and finish with a file. The Dremel would probably work wonders here instead of the file.

Jack, W8TEE

From: Keith VE7GDH <ve7gdh@...>
Sent: Tuesday, January 9, 2018 2:54 AM
Subject: Re: [BITX20] My µBITX in its new home

Doug KD9CYF wrote...

> Care to share your technique?

My uBITXs should show up any day now! On my BITX40, I
used a cutting wheel in a rotary tool, cutting the opening
slightly undersize, and then used a file to even it up
a bit and make it large enough. It worked well, but I won't
know until the next one if I just got lucky or if it will
be easy every time. I don't have any bezels.

73 Keith VE7GDH


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