Re: uBITX Case

William Londree

After struggling and agonizing for several days I finally got my front panel laid out and fitted to the Excellway case. Did I say tight fit?

The three jacks just did not want to fit below the display because of their depth interfering with the front edge of the circuit board. What I did was make the slotted holes for the stand off screws longer and positioned the stand off such that the heat sinks will have to go through the back panel.

Then I located and center punched the center points for the jacks on the front panel and pilot drilled with about a 1/8 inch or smaller bit. Next, I took a 3/8 inch Forstner bit and gingerly cut an opening into the front panel (on back side} to recess the panel so the mounting nut would be able to engage the thread of the jack. The large recess just fits the outer edges of the jacks. This minimizes the required space between the front panel and edge of the circuit board. Now when I assemble the front panel (with jacks) into the case, it all fits, snugly. The three jacks are aligned just under the display. The back panel still needs to have openings cut to let the heat sinks pass through but methinks that will work.  I was sure dismayed when I first tried to fit the jacks. A cardboard dummy front panel helped.



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