Re: Going digital? #ubitx


If your computer has a serial port ( or use a usb to serial converter) you should beable to configure the software to generate a ptt signal that would go to your radio's ptt port..I am assuming the uBitx has a ptt input ( I hope so, I ordered the ubitx to do portable digital)
Brian K9WIS

Subject: [BITX20] Going digital? #ubitx
Priority: Normal Date: Monday, January 8, 2018 9:23 AM Size: 4 KB
I've been wanting to get into the digital modes so I hooked the radio to the P-loop antenna and directly to the internal soundcard on my computer sitting on my office and was pleased at the waterfall on the 20m ft8 frequency. Wsjtx was quite busy with the decoding signals. As I understand it the radio needs a vox circuit in order to transmit. I've run across schematics but am a little intimidated by them. Does anyone know of a vox kit anywhere? I'm assuming such a kit would plug into the ptt?

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