Re: Questions about uBitX

Arv Evans


All of those have been discussed on this group.  If you log into the group you can do a few searches
to find what has been discussed earlier.

It would be possible to paraphrase those earlier discussions here but that would use bandwidth for
what has already been covered.


On Mon, Jan 8, 2018 at 11:09 AM, Albert Woodhull <n1aw@...> wrote:
I'm very interested in the uBitx.  I'm particularly interested in using the rig for SOTA. I haven't seen any
data on power consumption, both receiving and transmitting current demand.

Also would like know about total weight - obviously I would want a lightweight enclosure, and would appreciate 
ideas on ideas for that.
The documentation on line has suggestions about  adding  a narrower filter for CW; has anyone done this? And
does the main circuit board provide for adding an alternate filter without having to cut traces on the board?

I think IRF510s can probably be used at voltages higher than 12V. Has anyone experimented with using a higher
voltage for the final amplifier to get more than 10 watts out?  That would maybe not be useful for SOTA, but perhaps
for home station or mobile use?


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