new UBITX inhaling RF #ubitx

Sean W7SKD

Just wanted to share...I received a ubitx kit for Christmas (the XYL had me shop for myself, and I got my order in just before hfsigs shut off the initial wave of orders).  I had been messing about with a bitx40v3 with moderate success, and decided yesterday to jam through wiring up the ubitx.  After about 90 minutes, I had the radio up and on the air, receiving SSB in75/80 meters.  I REALLY REALLY like it - MUCH better than the bitx.  Being able to tune from 10M to 80M, having the encoder controlled VFO is only part of it (but a big part).  Its also a quiet and fairly sensitive receiver.

If you're on the fence, perhaps because you already have a bitx40...GET ONE, you will NOT regret it!

73 de W7SKD

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