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MVS Sarma

VInce, when such interference, if connecting to a desktop or laptop, we used to use emi suppressore torids and passthro 5 rounds the cables meant for interconnection. Such hum reduced drastically.
 If this could of some help\, i would be happy.

MVS Sarma

On Mon, Jan 8, 2018 at 10:21 PM, Vince Vielhaber <vev@...> wrote:

The only problem with this on is the sharing of grounds.  While the BitXs share the ground with the mic, speaker, ... using it on a non-BitX rig may not.  Ferinstance, on a Kenwood TS-530, that circuit will introduce a very noticable 60Hz hum into your audio.  I don't know about other Kenwoods the 530 is the only one I have (I'll have a 140 later in the week, we'll see if that does it too - Yes Ryan, I found one in my price range!).  The Yaesu FT-101E series doesn't have a problem with that.


On 01/08/2018 11:08 AM, M Garza wrote:
Here is the vox sound card interface schematic from the ARRL Book "Get
on the Air with HF Digital"
It does not require any power source.

Marco - KG5PRT

On Mon, Jan 8, 2018 at 9:42 AM, M Garza <mgarza896@...
<mailto:mgarza896@...>> wrote:

    How about one of the schematics listed here?

    The one with an Op-Amp IC and Opto-Isolator Output looks very easy
    and the transformers are easy to find.  You do not need the
    transformer for the computer audio in to the radio audio out, since
    that seems to be working now...  You can probably use a 9V battery
    or tap power from the radio.

    Just an idea.

    Marco - KG5PRT

    On Mon, Jan 8, 2018 at 8:23 AM, Kerry via Groups.Io
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        I've been wanting to get into the digital modes so I hooked the
        radio to the P-loop antenna and directly to the internal
        soundcard on my computer sitting on my office and was pleased at
        the waterfall on the 20m ft8 frequency. Wsjtx was quite busy
        with the decoding signals. As I understand it the radio needs a
        vox circuit in order to transmit. I've run across schematics but
        am a little intimidated by them. Does anyone know of a vox kit
        anywhere? I'm assuming such a kit would plug into the ptt?

  Michigan VHF Corp.

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