Re: Code snipits

Neil Martinsen-Burrell

On Sat, Jan 6, 2018 at 9:56 PM, Ronald Pfeiffer via Groups.Io <w2ctx@...> wrote:
I'm new to this group.  I have some code I have been testing for the UBITX and
would like to share.  Nothing monumental but some may be interested.

Do I just create a W2CTX folder under the files section?
Do you post multiple file sketch's in zip or tar or both format?

There has been lots of good advice in this thread if you want to learn to use git and Github, but for people to integrate your changes into their code, the important thing is to make all of the source files available together. If you want to put up a ZIP file in the files section, then it should be easy enough for people to download it, unzip it, and either use it, or integrate the changes into Github themselves.  That said, making a branch or a fork on Github is by far the easiest for other developers.

-Neil N0FN

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