fsk on si5351

Rod Davis

Hi All,

It appears ham rtty speed fsk is quite feasible on SI5351.

Looking at


especially the paragraph that says

"Additional comment which solved the problem: Kicking up the Wire library speed from 100kHz to 400kHz with
Wire.setClock(400000L);and using a bulk transfer to shove out a pre-calculated array of 8 bytes that is MultiSynth0's new divisor (instead of sending register1-byte1-register2-byte2-etc). The Si5351 supports bulk transfer with automatic address increments, so a whole new setup for MS0 was a total of 9 sent bytes. (Initial address plus the eight bytes of divisor+number+denominator.) This took the minimum pulse down to about 0.4ms, well below the 1ms I required. Hurray! 


makes me believe it would be viable, maybe even at I2C bus speed of 100 kHz.


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