ubitx hardware fsk

Rod Davis

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See below from W0EB:

I have not yet done the digging, but if the si5351 is like the si570 then I believe hardware fsk is quite possible, with no ubitx hardware changes. Just use the key input for FSK keying. I will check it out.

Rod KM6Sn

On 01/07/2018 06:11 PM, Jim Sheldon wrote:
After Ron helped me get over the "stupids" and I finally learned how to properly compile & upload stuff to the Raduino, I now have Ron's mods running and he's fixed a lot of little annoying things (annoying to me anyway).  In between bricking & fixing the rig (all firmware, no hardware) I managed to make a couple of real nice 20 meter SSB QSO's and also a couple of 40 meter CW QSO's as well with it.

I heard a lot of RTTY (contest this weekend) and sure wish there were at least 5 more digital pins on the Nano.  Then it would really easy to implement a good CW Keyer and even implement true FSK for RTTY.  You'd still need a computer with sound card running something like Mako Mori's (JE1HHT) MMTTY program, but that would really work well.  Hardware FSK would be much cleaner to implement than tones into the SSB section.  As wide as the filter is, I'd be wary of the 2nd and maybe even 3rd harmonics of the tones being transmitted at the same time as the fundamentals.  That would really create havoc on the bands especially during a RTTY contest, not to mention incur the wrath of the FCC as well.

Jim - W0EB

This little rig just keeps getting better and quite rapidly too!

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