Re: Win a BitX40 kit January 6, by showing off your project, in East TN in a nice warm building see you there and meet Dr. Jack Purdum and bring everything he has ever written for him to autograph


Followup on the Builders Fest in East TN, it was great, ask Dr. Jack, he packed the house with Bitx enthusiasts. And the hamfest with its indoor arena tailgating was at capacity for the first time ever.  

No Doubt BitXes brought a good number of them in.

I was hoping to have some nice pictures, so I could have posted a link by now and said, here go look....but, clubs being what they are, I am not taking the hit, I had a few of the contributors on the board contribute to door prizes and guys I am struggling to get pictures of what took place.  The club has chosen to suppress any pictures....for reasons I can only guess pretty accurate.  So, I am disappointed in myself for not believing what I was experiencing....So enough of that, 

The enthusiasm was there for the expo, to do what Farhan is doing and actually have builds on the I do to get to one of those....can't make it to India, I hope he has better luck with pictures.


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