Re: group build at LARC'18


let me be the first to are mistaken. 

I am interested.  I would surely be safe to say there are others....

I invited BitXes to East Tennessee, USA  just yesterday, and I very badly wanted to share the results with everyone here to show that very point, just how much interest there is. The BitXes showed up from Washington State, Arkansas, Kentucky, Virginia, and images of BitX40s were sent in from the Netherlands and Venezuela....and maybe other places, I have to admit I don't know the full extent of my production in East TN, as my EX-club as of yesterday, cut me off from feedback before the show even started, and I won't be getting any photos and Christmas Cards either.  But, I got Dr. Jack and bunch of BitXes to East betcha we are interested. 

Dr. Jack filled the house with BitX enthusiasts.

I say, please share, and others take notes.  Please have some kind of photo record to share. 


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