group build at LARC'18

Ashhar Farhan

This is probably not of universal interest to the group...

My club, the Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club is organizing the LARC'18 on January 26th and 27th. On the 27th afternoon, we are organizing a group wire-up of uBITX. VU3ELR, Sasi has designed a steel nice case for the ubitx. He is also organizing the speaker, mic and other things. We hope to bring up many uBITX during the workshop. 

Those in India who would like to attend this can register at Note that you have to separately opt-in for the ubitx workshop. The Rs.7000 includes a ubitx kit, the case, etc. You have to bring your tools: own soldering iron, VOM, power supply, screw driver, pliers, cutter and wire-stripper.

See you all there. 

- f

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