Re: BITX40 Display problem

Michael Hagen

The backlight resistors are not usually that high in value? 

Unhook all 12V power and run Raduino off of computer USB, adjust contrast pot to see if any thing shows.

It always is almost full up, near the end of the pot.  Too much you will see some background around digits.

The contrast might need to be re adjusted when you get back on Raduino 5V Regulator.


Mike, WA6ISP

On 1/7/2018 1:36 PM, Dave Bottom wrote:
If you are sure all of the pins are correctly seated from the Raduino to the uBITX RF board, then check the Contrast adjustment on the rear of the Raduino.

I'm going to try a different series resistor for the Display back-light as now it is bright enough to read a book by.  hi hi
I think the default resistor is 110 Ohms and it is reported that 470 Ohms might be a better value to reduce the brightness.
Then Contrast will likely need readjustment.

Dave WI6R

On Sun, Jan 7, 2018 at 1:27 PM, credwood@... via Groups.Io <credwood@...> wrote:
I've just connected up the kit I received from India.  I haven't tried
transmitting yet, but on receive whilst I am hearing signals, the
display is illuminated but there is nothing being displayed (e.g. no
frequency etc.).  I can see a red LED is illuminated on the Arduino sub-
board.  As far as I am aware I've not done anything I shouldn't, and I
have absolutely zero knowledge of Arduino (a black box as far as I am
concerned).  Any ideas please?

Many thanks in advance.

73 de Colin G6MXL

73 Dave WI6R

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