Re: "More than one XXX library found" error message

Jack, W8TEE

The "more than one LCD library found" is because there are multiple libraries named "LiquidCrystal" out there and your directory might have several installed.

The solution:

1) Find where your IDE is installed. Mine is installed on E:\Arduino1.8.5. Yours will likely be on the C drive, perhaps in the Programs directory. It all depends on where/how you installed it.

2) Inside your IDE directory will be a subdirectory named libraries. Inside that subdirectory should only ONE LiquidCrystal library, so on my system I see something
    like this:

    E:\Arduino1.8.5\libraries\LiquidCrystal           // You will likely see a bunch of libraries before and after this one...

    If you see mutliple libraries, you need to delete one of them. But, which one?

In my BITX code, I use a TFT display, so instead of the LiquidCrystal library, I use:

    #include <MCUFRIEND_kbv.h>    //

Anytime I use a library that is not included in the standard IDE installation, I have a comment that tells you were to go to download that library (yellow above). I'm not sure which software you are trying to install, but look at the line that includes the LiquidCrystal library (e.g., #include <LiquidCrystal>) and see if the programmer left you a URL for the library. Rename the original LiquidCrystal library directory (e.g., OriginalLiquidCrystal) before you install the new library just in case you need to go back to the original setup if it doesn't work.

Jack, W8TEE

From: Dale Brooks KG7SSB <kg7ssb@...>
Sent: Sunday, January 7, 2018 4:14 PM
Subject: Re: [BITX20] worried now

This one is for Jack Purdum about the software loading. First I want to thank Jack for his wonderful contribution to our group. My problem is this. when I perform the compile on a known working program I get all these error messages such as: more than one LCD library found, unable to to download and a list of attempts to download. I have your book and sorry to say I haven't had much chance to really dig in and try to learn from it but I don't see anything that assists in troubleshooting the error codes and making the necessary changes to correct them. Jack can you or any one else assist me in finding information on how to troubleshoot and repair the compiler errors so I can reliable load my programs. Thanks in advance for the assistance. Dale kg7ssb

On Sun, Jan 7, 2018 at 12:23 PM, Jack Purdum via Groups.Io <jjpurdum@...> wrote:
Close to that easy. It boils down to downloading the free Arduino IDE, loading in the source code files, compiling and uploading the code to the Raduino. Most of this process has been described elsewhere and is the subject of the second half of Chapter 1 of my programming book (Beginning C for Arduino). I have attached the draft copy of that chapter from the 1st Edition of the book.

Jack, W8TEE

From: Paul Smith <paulsmi55@...>
Sent: Sunday, January 7, 2018 1:30 PM
Subject: Re: [BITX20] worried now

Like most I have few concerns about the radio being 'perfect' in every sense and I can fudge my way around circuit mods without too much hassle and enjoy it at the same time. That's what this hobby is all about.  While I knew from the outset that a software upgrade was necessary I am wondering how easy it will be for me (a total code dummy) to upload new sketches. There are likely already guidelines posted somewhere that I haven't come across. Is it as easy as plugging in a USB cable and a few commands on my PC ?

Paul ZS2OE

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