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Hi Jeff..
Im still waiting for mine to show up in the mail...hi hi..I made a career out of programmng micros all the way from the 8 bit chips back in the 70's to DSP micros in the new millenium..These arduinos are cute and really simple to use..Ive played with that SI5131A part when I was doing some balloon experiments last summer..You can get them at adafruit for like $10, hook them up to an Arduino UNo with 4 wires and spend the rest of the day experimenting...very cool stuff.

I blew the dust off my old Heathkit VTVM that I built when I was at Boys Tech ( got ur QSL's btw).
I could smell the old lab in there...hi hi

Excellent Brian,

Please post pictures of your layout/set-up so we can give it a try or copy
some of your suggestions.

73, Jeff K9JP

On Sun, Jan 7, 2018 at 11:46 AM, B C <k9wis@...> wrote:

I looked at it as an experiemntal platform..I dont plan to box mine all up but plan to spread it out and mount it on a lexan sheet so it can be poked, probed and soldered to and photographed so I can learn more about the componenets on it like raduino.
Then I hope to write a 3rd party manual that can be also be used as a text book.

Brian K9WIS

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