Starting out with the Original BITX40 #bitx40help #bitx40

Neil Goldstein

I received a case for my early BITX40 from India on Friday.  This think looks great, and I can't wait to see the uBITX version!

Anyway, several factors caused me to never assemble my old BITX40, but I'm done with school now, and suddenly have time to concentrate on projects again.  I have a PILE of kits that I have accumulated.  I want to get this thing together.  The uBITX was so much fun.

I know that all the information I need is here, buried in thousands of posts, but I wanted to ask about any quick bullet-points about putting this together.  I fully intend to search through here anyway, but my tired eyes, and easily distracted brain may miss something important. 

I looked over the instructions already, and have a working out-of-the-box uBTIX so some of it is familiar enough, but I need specific pointers for adapting the original varactor-tuned version to the Raduino board that arrived later.  Also, which firmware version is best for a plain-vanilla BITX40?

Thanks in advance
Neil Goldstein, W2NDG

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