Preparing to build bitx20 ... questions.


Hello all.
I've been looking for such a transceiver project for a while, and
finally came across the BITX20.
So far I've found about 50% of the components needed, and getting ready
to order the other half from mouser.
I've built several kits before including an ATS3A which were all
flawless, so I'm a pretty experienced kit builder, and not so much
a "from-scratcher".
I'm planning to build it manhattan style using the schematic from
Hendricks kits.
For now, I'm wondering if there are any RF/stability issues I might
encounter by building this in a modular fashion. I was wanting to build
each section on its own small board, and then join them all together as
I go along. Are there any issues w/ building this design in that style?
Is regular hookup wire sufficient to join module connections, or is
there a benefit to using shielded rg174, etc.
I'm really looking forward to taking on this project as my first
scratch built radio.
Thanks in advance,
Jim - AB9LM

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