Re: uBITX woes, feeling disheartened. #ubitx

Nick VK4PP

On Fri, Jan 5, 2018 at 03:56 pm, James Lynes wrote:

Take the pdf to Staples or Office Depot and you can get a D size print for about $3.50.


 Ok, so, results of testing. In RX the collector of Q70 is 12v and at TX drops to 0v so this tells me that K1 is switching. I can hear it,

Also tested M1-M2 at relay side of R70 and C51, in RX there is continuity, but in TX there is still continuity! So I'm thinking K3 is faulty... Farhan did mention issues with relays.... What a PITA to change, 8 legs to de-solder... I'm thinking just crush the relay in situe and then remove one leg at a time.


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