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So, there will be an initial pop but it is loud but not unbearable and then I think it quietens a lot quicker than the Bitx40 did (that one took about 2 seconds to completely quieten).  I haven't really noticed it AT ALL

I'm really a fan of having the radio tell you where the problem is, instead of just striking out and checking a whole lotta things....unless there is a really well known fault.    It sounds like your relay is staying in, but an easy way to check that is is to simply put a voltmeter on the collector that I earlier suggested.  I don't know how intimate you are with schematics, but all the parts are marked and there will be additional parts connected to that collector that make it easy to probe its voltage.   It should have voltage in RX and not in TX....and then you would be able to move a step back and see if the relay controlling that had voltage to its coil at the proper time and so on......

​The schematic is like anatomy, and your knowledge of electronics is like physiology and the things you measure and observe are symptoms and using all that you can diagnose the problem without a huge amount of guesswork.....

Since you built that high pass filter in nothing flat, you must be pretty good at this, so I don't know why I'm telling you this.



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I'm about to go examine K3.
Just to confirm, when in TX there should be NO mic audio at all from the speaker?

If I turn down the vol, initiate TX, then turn up the vol, I can hear any tapping or blowing on the mic from the speaker... It seems to be the initial TX pop the starts of the feedback, 
but yeah, if the Mic is supposed to be completely muted, I have an issue there, as it is not....

73 Nick, VK4PLN

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