K5DNL RF-LED Pwr Indicator

Greg Derda

Upon following Ken's (K5DNL) post about his Norcal DDS schematic (under his Photos folder), I took an interest in his little LED Power Indicator circuit. I also couldn't help but notice how nice his BITX20a rig turned out, and I especially liked his front panel (similar to mine ;->)!.

Anyway, I whipped together a little LED Power Indicator last night, hooked it up, and "IT WORKS GREAT"! What a nifty little addition!

I have a question though, considering that I haven't made a contact with the rig since this addition - do I need to shield it? I built mine ugly style on a little 1/2 x 1-1/2 inch PCB that is soldered directly to the back of the SO-238, with a two-conductor ribbon cable running to the LED on the front panel. In other words, is RF going to radiate from it?


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