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Jim Sheldon

Nick & possibly others,
I have a similar problem now with my uBITX.  It was working just fine with no BCB interference and great audio volume.  I was trying to refine the CW transmit frequency and get the BFO set on the filter (note to Ashhar, this procedure needs to be addressed in a bit more detail for those with digital signal generators and other more sophisticated tools, perhaps in a manual appendix.)

All of a sudden I got a huge POP in the speaker as I accidentally overloaded something with too high a signal level input at the antenna from my signal generator (about +5dBM, maybe even higher) and from that point on it only had about 1/3 to 1/2 the audio output it previously had and several close in AM broadcast stations had taken over the radio completely.  I was thinking I might have damaged the TDA2822 audio amp so I ordered a handful, but there my be something else that popped.  

Anyone have any ideas?  I have a half dozen other projects on the bench and had to put this one back for a bit so I'm asking the group.

Jim Sheldon - W0EB

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Hi, thanks,
1: Its appears to be a local broadcast station, its on 837khz, also on 710, 630, 540, I can pick it up[ on all 4 of those frequencies with my FT-450D,

2: as above its ABC Capricornia on 837khz....

3: The squeal is only if the volume is up high, if i turn the volume to 1/4 it is ok, no feedback, but at 1/4 I cant hear anything, its a HIGH pitch squeal and a POP from the speaker..

I am might try knock up a high pass filer....

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