Re: 11 MHz Xtal Tests

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Filter crystals should be matched within 10% of the filter bandwidth
for a good filter >
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if anyone knows as to how I should best employ Xtals A to D in SSB
Filter positions X1 to X4 to get a good shape factor and least ripple
out of this selection

A differs from D by 76 Hz
B and C are within 20 Hz of one another roughly midway between A
and D
Many thanks Dan for your comments re the 10% BW tolerance Rule of
Thumb you quoted.

Well Xtals A to D in my case are all better than this by a factor of
4 so it looks like I should have no problems, even if they are
randomly assembled in any order.

I had wondered if there was any theoretical advantage to be gained by
choosing a particular sequence.

If not then I will probably just use A to D in order from XI to X4 if
I do not hear to the contary from anyone else before I come to
assemble them this weekend.

Thanks and 73 de Charles G3OTH

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